"Candy Love in Hawaii"
Posted By : Ron Bennett

Our introduction to The Parrot started over thirty years ago, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Ron, being a lover of dark chocolate came upon Ed and Don's candy shop at the Ala Mauna Mall, while we were stationed at Hickam AFB. He discovered the black walnut nougat and was hooked! When our turn came to leave Hawaii we choose Montana. Through the years our attachment to Montana has been strong, our two youngest children were born in Montana and four of our five children graduated from CMR High School in Great Falls. We credit our daughter-in-law for steering Ron to The Parrot for his quest to find the ultimate dark chocolate walnut nougat. The Helena family has moved in recent years, but Ron has his ways of getting his candy. No one comes through Helena to see use unless they bring nougat. He also calls to have them shipped.