"Earliest Memories"
Posted By : Cami Clevenger

I can remember the Parrot candy and ice cream from my earliest memories! When I was in first grade or so my Dad rented an office in the arcade building and every day after school he would give my brother and I a dollar to go down to the Parrot and get whatever we wanted! Since then we always have Parrot chocolates at Christmas and whenever I want to treat myself or children, or anyone else, I head to the Parrot for the most amazing chocolates, candies, and sundaes in the world! I always get that special feeling I got as a kid whenever I walk through that door and see the candies, chocolates, elephants, and the wonderful workers who welcome me in. The smell intoxicates you and then you hear the jukebox playing "Duke of Earl" and you know it is a great day no matter how your day went prior!