"Traveling Candy"
Posted By : Bea Steen

I moved to Helena in 1981 and found the Parrot to become my one stop gift store. The awesome selection of Parrot candy has been taken in the car, on the plane, and even on the Amtrak. I take it with me when I visit, or send to friends and relatives as far away as North Carolina, Arizona, California, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and even Canada. However, my Uncle Wesser and my Godmother Auntie Lou in Minnesota have received more than most. They so look forward to getting that familiar shaped mailing box. They know what the treat is going to be, from the Assorted and General Assortment to the Nuts and Chews -- wow, and the Old Fashioned Fudge (brown sugar and chocolate) they are all so delectable, scrumptious and all the other delicious adjectives one could possible use to describe the Parrot Confectionery, who "talks for itself." As for me, besides the candy and nuts it is the wonderful chili, and my favorite, the pineapple ice cream soda that takes me back to the soda fountain in the drug store near my high school in Alexandria, Minnesota. When my family and guests come to town, it's the trip down to the Parrot that they remember the most fondly.