"Some Things Never Change"
Posted By : Ty Plummer - Nelson

Oh the good old days in Helena!  I lived in Helena from fourth grade through high school.  I went to both Cathedral High and Helena High, graduating in 1967.  We used to come to the Parrot for a cup of chili, cherry Coke and visit with our friends.  We liked the middle booths so we could talk to people on both sides.  I have been away from Helena since the summer of '67.  Have been back twice before now - 20 years ago and again about 10 or 12 years ago.  Went in for a cup of chili and cherry Coke 20 years ago.  Looked the same then, and still looks the same!  It is such a thrill to be sitting in here today eating chili and drinking a cherry Coke while remembering the fun in here as an eighthgrader through high schooler.  Such fond memories!!  Thanks for making my trip so special!