"From the 50's to today"
Posted By : Judy Reynoso

I am 67 and my mother used to tell me she hung out at the Parrot when she was young.  Grew up in Helena and the Parrot was the teen hang-out in the 50's.  On Saturdays you could hardly get in the place! The candy was unbelievable.  What I loved the most were the Mexican Lime Drinks.  I've been all over (for years) the U.S. and Helena's Parrot was the only place that served Mexican Limes, and no place else had ever heard of it.  At Christmas my Relatives still send me a box of Parrot candy, and it brings back so many memories of my youth.  Hope you folks will continue the tradition of a Helena landmark!  And for heaven's sake please don't upgrade the interior! Good luck and best wishes.