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"From the 50's to today" by Judy Reynoso
I am 67 and my mother used to tell me she hung out at the Parrot when she was young.  Grew up in Helena and the Parrot was the teen hang-out in the 50's.  On Saturdays you could hardly get in the place! The candy was unbelievable.  What I loved the most were the Mexican Lime Drin
Some Things Never Change by Ty Plummer - Nelson

"Oh the good old days in Helena!  I lived in Helena from fourth grade through high school.  I went to both Cathedral High and Helena High, graduating in 1967.  We used to come to the Parrot for a cup of chili, cherry Coke and ...."   Continued...

Cleaning the Parrot by Robert Shultz

"I've been enjoying the Parrot confectionery store since 1990. I used to clean the store at night for Servicemaster contract services. I still frequently stop in for candy and one pound boxes of candy to send to my relatives down South, in winter of c...."   Continued...

Traveling Candy by Bea Steen

"I moved to Helena in 1981 and found the Parrot to become my one stop gift store. The awesome selection of Parrot candy has been taken in the car, on the plane, and even on the Amtrak. I take it with me when I visit, or send to friends and relatives a...."   Continued...

From the 50's to today by Judy Reynoso

"I am 67 and my mother used to tell me she hung out at the Parrot when she was young.  Grew up in Helena and the Parrot was the teen hang-out in the 50's.  On Saturdays you could hardly get in the place! The candy was unbelievable. ...."   Continued...

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A Trip Down Memory Lane    by : Gerry Wilson

"The Parrot was a very important part of growing up in Helena. First my mother would take us for a lunch of Chili and Mexican Limes; when we were junior high age we could walk down and spend our allowances. In High School it became the "hang-out place." With my children - who are now 40 and 50 years of age - I continued the tradition of lunches of Chili and Mexican Limes and treats of candy. Now wh...."  Continued....

I Love Your Store!    by : Kay Seeman

"I love your store! My brother Brad Calver took me to the Parrot on my first visit. I so enjoyed it. We now stop in every time we are in Helena. Your candy is wonderful, the smells are fantastic, and the staff is so friendly and helpful. Brad and I were able to watch Easter candy being made. We are going to be customers for life!

A Bit Envious    by : Ron Weiss

"I have been going to the Parrot since the late 40's. It was the place we got great Christmas candy from grandparents or friends. Then in high school beginning in 1952 I worked at Thistlewait shoe store directly across the street from the Parrot. I was a bit envious of other high school friends who went there after school for music and Cherry Coke, Green Rivers, and the like. Mr. Thistlewait would ...."  Continued....

Montana Native    by : Bonnie Jenkins

"I was born in Helena, but moved to California when I was young. I do not often get to Helena, but when I do I ALWAYS visit the Parrot. I hope the memories and traditions are kept alive!

Pleasant Memories    by : Edith Miller

"My sisters and my friends would walk to the Parrot for lunch occasionally, and to listen to music. It was a bit of a walk - from Helena High School (where the Middle School is located now). We did not spend much time at the Parrot as we had to take the bus home and help with the chores. >>>> The Parrot has changed very little - same look with the elephants, birds and pictures, booths...."  Continued....

A Bit of Love    by : Mark Burnham

"Love the service! Love the chocolate! Love being able to share a little bit of Helena with out family and friends!

A Burnt Friend    by : Maryah Furlong

"I am twelve and a half. The candy is FANTASTIC! I absolutely love it. I was at the Parrot with my friend Bridget, and I burnt someone while we were there. Now she is my best friend at school!

A Greeting to Relatives All Over    by : Ralph Badger

"The Parrot has been a part of our life since we moved to Helena in 1982. We have chosen the Parrot as our greeting to family and friends throughout the country. They all return thanks for the wonderful chocolate! The highlight of our experience with the Parrot though, is bringing my grandchildren to the Parrot when they come to visit. Getting a shake or sundae is a highlight of their visit.

Same as I Remember    by : Laura Orr

"I grew up in Helena and never remember not going by the Parrot. After school all the kids congregated at the Parrot for cokes, Mexican limes, or a sundae in the late 1940's. Later, chili and tamales were great lunch items when I worked at the bank. I had not been in Helena in sixteen years, but this summer I took my granddaughter there to the Parrot. We bought candy and it was great as always so I...."  Continued....

Devoted Customers    by : Marvin Gibbons

"My family came to Helena in 1975 from Ohio because of my job transfer. We have been a devoted customer at the Parrot since that time, and will continue to be. We wish the new owners the best, and will miss the Duensings.

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