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"Family Tradition" by
I do not have a personal story to relate other than my fondness for the Parrot candies, particularly in boxes opened at our reception area as I walk into the office during the holiday season. However, my children are always anxious to make a trip in for lunch when they are home from college; as are
Some Things Never Change by Ty Plummer - Nelson

"Oh the good old days in Helena!  I lived in Helena from fourth grade through high school.  I went to both Cathedral High and Helena High, graduating in 1967.  We used to come to the Parrot for a cup of chili, cherry Coke and ...."   Continued...

Traveling Candy by Bea Steen

"I moved to Helena in 1981 and found the Parrot to become my one stop gift store. The awesome selection of Parrot candy has been taken in the car, on the plane, and even on the Amtrak. I take it with me when I visit, or send to friends and relatives a...."   Continued...

A Custom from New Orleans by Elaine Livers

"My parents began sending Parrot candy at Christmas to me and my siblings.  My family was living in New Orleans and my siblings elsewhere in the country.  This was in the 1960's.  As our children married we started sending Christmas can...."   Continued...

Cleaning the Parrot by Robert Shultz

"I've been enjoying the Parrot confectionery store since 1990. I used to clean the store at night for Servicemaster contract services. I still frequently stop in for candy and one pound boxes of candy to send to my relatives down South, in winter of c...."   Continued...

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The Most Special Gift    by : Connie Sauer

"The Parrot has been sending candy to my mother for me for many years now. This candy has been the most special gift she ever receives from anyone. Over the years her tolerance for flavors has continually decreased, but The Parrot has always been able to find a candy she says she can eat. If there is one store in Helena I truly enjoy doing business with it is The Parrot! They always have been, and ...."  Continued....

A Box of Parrots    by : Janet Lowry

"Congratulations on owning on of the most fun places I have had the privilege of visiting! I have family living in Helena, and while visiting there a few times in "many years past" we made sure to visit The Parrot. My sister-in-law sent us boxes of "parrots" for years until that part of the family moved. My family has ordered "parrots" as gifts for Christmas. Love those "parrots" as well as other g...."  Continued....

In and Out of The Parrot    by : Ellen Stubblefield

"As a kid growing up in Helena I have been in and out of The Parrot since 1929. Even when I lived in Arizona I would get candy to take back to Arizona while visiting in Helena. My Mother-in-law introduced my nieces from Washington to white chocolate at The Parrot. They still talk about going there with their grandma.

Long Time Friend    by : Arlene Eickmeyer

"Nancy Duensing was a long time friend and neighbor. It is a real tribute to her that her boys have carried on with the traditional Parrot and that another family operation is in place with the same quality and caring from long ago!

Candy Love in Hawaii    by : Ron Bennett

"Our introduction to The Parrot started over thirty years ago, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Ron, being a lover of dark chocolate came upon Ed and Don's candy shop at the Ala Mauna Mall, while we were stationed at Hickam AFB. He discovered the black walnut nougat and was hooked! When our turn came to leave Hawaii we choose Montana. Through the years our attachment to Montana has been strong, our two younges...."  Continued....

A Mother's Fondness for The Parrot    by : Kristine Larson

"My Helena roots begin with my mother. She was very fond of the Parrot all through her life, no matter where she lived. She was so excited whenever she received a box of Parrot chocolates. She hung out at The Parrot after school many times with her best friends, called the "dirty dozen." Her favorite treat when there in person was a sundae with warm chocolate sauce or else a box of nuts and chews w...."  Continued....

Our Family Loves The Parrot!    by : Catherine Ortwein

"Our family loves The Parrot! Especially the "parrots." I mailed a box of them to my daughter in San Antonio for her early April birthday. Although the package was labeled "fragile," the postman left them on her doorstep for the day. When she discovered the melted mess, my daughter called Wendy at The Parrot. Wendy sympathized with her and sent me an apology along with the price of the parrots plus...."  Continued....

Always Special    by : Nancy Corrigall

"I have ordered your creme mints to use at special anniversary events for my garden club here in South Carolina. They are so special because I can choose the colors and flavors. I moved away from Helena in 1977, but The Parrot will always be special.

Everyone Loved It!    by : Margaret Guschausky

"Thank you very very much. My son, Steve Smith, loved the bon bons. My granddaughter loved the box of chocolates. My daughter-in-law enjoyed the nuts. I appreciate your efforts for us.

Last Stop    by : Jack French

"When my daughters come to visit, they always make their last stop at The Parrot to buy chocolates to take home. We are very glad that The Parrot will be around for years to come.

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